Do Good & Catalyze Change

Apply today to participate in the DO GOOD X Startup Accelerator!

Applications are due Monday, May 1. Applicants will go through a selection process that may include phone or video interviews. Applicants and selected candidates will be notified by June 3.

DO GOOD X is an 8-week accelerator designed for early-stage social entrepreneurs passionate about developing ventures that do good in the world. What do we mean when we say “do good?” For us, doing good means that these entrepreneurs want to make a positive impact on people, their communities, and the environment. We provide underrepresented social entrepreneurs with a community of peers and mentors, an interactive process to clarify the focus and purpose of their business, and access to resources and technical assistance to advance their business.

Eligible applicants include entrepreneurs who:

  • Reside in the United States
  • Have a concrete business idea
  • Are in the early-stages of launching their business
  • Can share proven efforts toward launching their business idea
  • Are committed to principles of Christian faith that guide them to make a positive impact through their venture
  • Are prepared to invest $2,000 to attend the Startup Accelerator (limited scholarships available)
  • Can attend an in-person 3 1/2-day Jump Start retreat (Sept. 21-24) and a 5 1/2-day intensive Boot Camp (Nov. 9-13) in Atlanta, GA
  • Can participate in a 6-week online curriculum (Sept. 28 - Nov. 6) with weekly video calls

Accelerator participants will explore:

  • PASSION: Stories that fuel their passion to address or solve a specific problem
  • PROBLEM: The need or problem their business venture addresses
  • SOCIAL GOOD FOOTPRINT: The impact and legacy they want to have on people and the environment
  • PROTOTYPE: A small-scale product or service to test to validate and grow their business idea
  • PEOPLE: Their ideal customer and the team needed to advance their business
  • PRICE: The cost of their business idea in order to maximize profit and social impact
  • MEASUREMENT: How to assess the value and impact of their business
  • PITCH: How to develop a story to share and attract supporters and investors


DO GOOD X has 4 components that make social entrepreneurs’ experience stand out!

We empower underrepresented social entrepreneurs and provide a community of peers and mentors, an interactive process to clarify the purpose of their business, and access to resources to advance their businesses. Inequality persists in the access women and people of color have to mentors, a community of entrepreneurial peers, resources, and financial support. This is where we step in.

We provide a participatory, interactive, and engaging curriculum with mentors and entrepreneurs, tools, and resources to take businesses to the next level. Our approach is not a typical classroom setting with the lone expert in the front of the room.

We offer a combination of in-person and virtual gatherings that make participation more accessible with the demands of everyday life.

We address and cultivate principles of faith that are essential to entrepreneurs’ resiliency and work for good in the world. Most accelerator programs either do not address this key motivating factor for one’s work or many entrepreneurs feel like they have to leave their faith at the door.

8-week Startup Accelerator

The program includes 8 weeks of content and 1 week to recharge and refresh before the intensive Boot Camp and Pitch for Good.



Jump Start

Atlanta, GA September



6-Week Course

​Online Curriculum September – November



Boot Camp & Pitch for Good

​Atlanta, GA November



Support for DO GOOD X Alumni​

Atlanta, GA​ ​December – May

What’s In It For You

If accepted to the Startup Accelerator, here’s what’s in it for you and your investment:

EVENT LODGING at a beautiful retreat space with all inclusive of meals prepared by an in-home chef that caters to all dietary restrictions for the 3 ½-day Jump Start and 5 ½-day Boot Camp.

SHUTTLE SERVICE from/to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport upon your arrival/departure for in-person gatherings.

ACCESS TO MENTORS and coaches to help advance your business.

AN INTERACTIVE AND ENGAGING CURRICULUM for in-person gatherings, access to a 6-week online curriculum, and take-home workbooks with tools and resources to take your business to the next level and guide you toward discerning the next steps for your venture.

CALLS WITH THE COMMUNITY of all DO GOOD X Alumni following the completion of the accelerator that provide insight and expertise from entrepreneurs in the field.

A COMMUNITY OF PEERS to cheer you along your journey!


Note that you cannot save your application. Please prepare to complete the application in one session. Applications are due Monday, March 30.

The Startup Accelerator is $2,000 for individuals and $1,500 for applicants who are applying alongside team members. Selected Fellows will be required to pay all fees by August 3.

Questions? Visit our FAQs and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us at