DO GOOD X Podcast

DO GOOD X Podcast

The DO GOOD X Podcast, hosted by Kimberly R. Daniel and Stephen Lewis, is a valuable resource for Black and Brown entrepreneurs, particularly Black women, navigating socially conscious ventures.

With empathy and insights, the hosts guide listeners by offering practical strategies and resources to thrive in the social-driven business world.

Social Entrepreneurship: 5 Things to Consider

Social Entrepreneurship: 5 Things to Consider

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This is DO GOOD X

DO GOOD X is a community of social entrepreneurs, mentors, fellows, and investors passionate about developing ventures that do good in the world. Hear from our network of change-makers motivated by their faith and passion for social entrepreneurship.


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DO GOOD X Events

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What is DO GOOD X?

DO GOOD X provides a 10-week accelerator and community of support designed for early-stage social entrepreneurs passionate about developing ventures that do good in the world. For us, “doing good” means that these businesses make a positive impact on people, their communities, and the environment. DO GOOD X provides underrepresented social entrepreneurs with a unique experience and access to a community of peers and mentors, an interactive process to clarify the purpose of their business ideas, and access to resources they otherwise might not have.

What does the X stand for in DO GOOD X?

The X reflects the intersection where faith that drives an individual’s passion to do good connects with the positive social impact they want to have on people and communities through an entrepreneurial venture.

The X also represents the mark you will make on the world by doing good. What’s your X?

How is DO GOOD X different from other social impact accelerators?

DO GOOD X has three components that make social entrepreneurs’ experience stand out!

  1. We empower underrepresented social entrepreneurs and provide a community of peers and mentors, an interactive process to clarify the purpose of their business, and access to resources. Inequality persists in the access that women and people of color who are entrepreneurs have to mentors, a community of entrepreneurial peers, resources, and financial support. This is where DO GOOD X steps in.
  2. We provide a participatory, interactive, and engaging program with mentors and entrepreneurs, tools, and resources to take businesses to the next level. Our approach is not a typical virtual classroom setting with the lone expert speaking. Our program is a feeder for late-stage accelerators and helps to reduce the number of failed enterprises, diversify the entrepreneurial community, and catalyze underrepresented led business ventures.
  3. Increasingly, people are motivated by their faith to address social issues but have not considered entrepreneurship to disrupt systems. In addition, most accelerator programs either do not address this key motivating factor for one’s work or many entrepreneurs feel like they have to leave their faith at the door. We address and cultivate principles of faith that are essential to entrepreneurs’ resiliency and work for good in the world.
Who is eligible to apply to participate in the accelerator program?

Eligible applicants include early-stage entrepreneurs who:

  • Reside in the United States
  • Have a clear entrepreneurial idea for good
  • Are launching a new business or new aspect of a current business
  • Can share proven efforts toward launching their business idea
  • Need business tools to clarify and develop their venture
  • Are committed to faith-rooted principles that motivate them to make a positive impact through their venture
  • Need business tools to clarify and develop your venture
  • Are prepared to pay $1,000 to attend the Startup Accelerator
  • Can fully participate in the 10-week online accelerator

For more information, click here to visit the DO GOOD X Startup Accelerator application.

How can I get involved with DO GOOD X?
  • You can join the Entreprenurial Network on LinkedIn, sign up for the Built for This Course, listen to the DO GOOD X Podcast, in addition to becoming a mentor, applying for the accelerator, or attending the pitch.