The current entrepreneurial ecosystem is not diverse and does not adequately address underrepresented entrepreneurs' lack of business development resources and needs. As a result of this shortfall in society, many ventures being developed provide solutions to problems only for the elite. DO GOOD X provides underrepresented social entrepreneurs with a unique experience and access to a community of peers and mentors, an interactive process to clarify the purpose of their business idea and access to resources they otherwise might not have.

We help bring business ideas for good to life through a collaborative approach with three components.


We convene a community of early-stage entrepreneurs in a 10-week online accelerator designed with an interactive program experience, providing tools to develop and scale business ideas for meaningful impact.


We challenge Entrepreneurs to advance business ideas that leave behind a social good footprint—a positive impact and legacy on people, communities, and the environment.


We connect fellows with a community of peers, mentors, and investors who pledge the support, resources, and connections needed to accelerate business ideas for good.

DO GOOD X provides a 10-week accelerator, resources, and a support community for early-stage social entrepreneurs passionate about developing ventures that do good globally. For us, “doing good” means that these businesses positively impact people, their communities, and the environment.

Our change-makers are driven by faith-rooted values that fight against the rapid growth of inequality and social inequity in communities worldwide. DO GOOD X supports leaders faithfully pursuing entrepreneurship to transform systems for the good of all people.

Since our founding in 2017, DO GOOD X has engaged an active community of 8,000 members, equipped 50 social entrepreneurs, and invested $67,000 in businesses that do good.

DO GOOD X is proud to have supported these social entrepreneurs and their businesses, resulting in $5,000,000 invested or raised.


Built For This Course

Built For This Course

Do you feel the call to become a social entrepreneur but wonder if you are built for this? Social entrepreneurship demands more than an idea – it requires time, energy, financial investment, and unwavering commitment. While some may naturally possess the qualities needed for this path, others may not know what it entails and may still lack the necessary readiness. Before investing your valuable time, money, and energy, clarify whether social entrepreneurship is right for you.

Startup Accelerator

Startup Accelerator

There is a noticeable absence of diversity in today's entrepreneurial space, leaving underrepresented entrepreneurs without the resources and support they need to succeed. DO GOOD X aims to change that narrative by providing underrepresented social entrepreneurs access to a supportive community of peers and mentors. We offer an interactive 10-week accelerator program and community to help you discern your business idea and various resources to equip you further.