Hear from our network of change-makers motivated by their faith and passion for social entrepreneurship.

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What is your WHY?

Within each of us is a dream, an idea with the potential to transform our world if realized. While dreaming is easy,
the challenge lies in merging practicality with passion to make those dreams a reality.

Social entrepreneurs are guided by their core motivations rooted in identity, experiences, and values. While many seek
to solve problems and generate income, social entrepreneurs' drive comes from the desire to make
a meaningful impact on their communities by addressing social or environmental issues.

Brooke Wright | Partner at Local Industries

Brooke Wright's “WHY” lies in her passion for people and organizational culture. Throughout her career, she has been driven by understanding what makes cultures thrive and why people stay in companies.

Patty Lacrete | Founder at Bed Head Plant Nursery

Patty Lacrete shares her "WHY" and how her personal motivation to save the planet evolved into a collaborative project in her community. Recognizing a local need, Patty established a plant nursery, offering a space for people to come together and work towards a common need and purpose.

David Lee Winder, Founder & Zeus Luby, Director of Programming | Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED)

David Lee Winder and Zeus Luby share their "WHY" and how their experiences with injustice inspire their work with RED.

John Onwuchekwa | Co-Founder of Portrait Coffee

John Onwuchekwa reflects on a pivotal moment of tragedy that gave him his "WHY" and mission to help others grasp onto hope.

Principles to Do Good

At DO GOOD X, we highly regard five fundamental principles—Faith, Courage, Justice, Generosity, and Purpose—that enable social entrepreneurs to do work that truly matters.


Faith empowers us to act even when doubt exists. It's the courage to move forward, trusting that our passion and gifts align with the world's greatest needs. Faith encourages us to be fearless in our actions, believing we can make a meaningful impact. It requires us to remain humble, listen, learn, and be willing to change, guided by the wisdom to recognize and pursue what truly matters.


In social entrepreneurship, courage is not just a virtue. It's a necessity. It's the fuel that propels our dreams into reality, the force that emboldens us to face challenges head-on, and the belief that we can significantly impact the world.


Justice drives us to do what is right and fair for the good of all. It compels us to engage in actions that promote equity and human flourishing. By advocating for justice, we work to change systems of injustice and spread peace. Justice involves acting with kindness, loving, and serving others, ensuring our innovative work fosters social change and benefits communities.


Generosity calls us to live with compassion, addressing the needs of others and building a sense of community. It involves sharing our time, resources, and energy to create a better world. By giving selflessly, we not only help others but also enrich our own lives. Generosity promotes a spirit of compassion, encouraging us to love our neighbors and transform communities through acts of kindness and service.


Living with purpose means aligning our passions with the world's greatest needs. It involves asking ourselves why we are here and discovering our unique calling. Purpose drives us to engage in meaningful work with lasting consequences beyond ourselves. It requires us to cultivate wisdom, strength, and perseverance, ensuring that our actions contribute positively to the world and help those in need. By living purposefully, we grow and inspire others to do the same.