For recent generations, the thrill and freedom of working for yourself with a seemingly flexible schedule while making an impact through business has been appealing. However, not everyone has what it takes to launch and sustain a business or social good venture. 

My fellow Co-founder Stephen Lewis and I see time and time again aspiring social entrepreneurs jumping into launching a business before discerning if this path is aligned with their gifts, mindset, time, and resources. This led us to develop our new course Built for This. 

We want to help people explore and determine if the entrepreneurial path is for them before they invest their time, money, and energy. We want aspiring social entrepreneurs to be clear about what social impact is, why they want to pursue this, and what it takes to develop a business for good. We want people to discover if they are truly built for this. 

If you are not sure if entrepreneurship is for you, want to explore how to make a positive impact through entrepreneurship, and want to potentially develop a business idea to test, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Over four weeks, you will:

  • Learn about social entrepreneurship and identify the entrepreneurial gifts you possess 
  • Discover why you want to pursue entrepreneurship and your business aspirations
  • Develop a business idea and design a prototype to test and receive feedback
  • Build your confidence to determine if social entrepreneurship aligns with your purpose


You will experience self reflection and community discussions, hear from social entrepreneurs in the field, and receive insights and feedback from me and Stephen. Most importantly, you will discover if you are built for and equipped with the hustle, commitment, and resilience that social entrepreneurship requires.

Enroll in this course, invest in yourself, and get clear about how you might do good in the world. I hope to see you in the course! 

Registration closes March 9, 2022. Built for This will launch March 7 and conclude April 1, 2022. For more information, visit